Why use UAL for your moving needs?

The Universal Air Lift makes your next move a smart move!

The Universal Air Lift was designed to make Smart Moves when relocating stacks, shelving, or fixtures. Drawing upon more than 35 years of experience in the industry, the latest version of the UAL is the most efficient and effective system to manage your next refurbishing, carpet replacement, flooring repair, or other storage relocation.

The Universal Air lift is extremely effective in transporting or relocating loaded stacks or shelves. A Smart Move starts with the UAL and ends with less down time, less handling of contents and elimination of refilling.

The UAL is scalable to match the size of a library, museum or retail fixture or shelving. The structure is supported from the center of mass, allowing for a stable, safe move over uneven or obstructed surfaces. The contents are minimally affected as the UAL securely transports them in their normal position.

Need to Rearrange?


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