Licensing Opportunities

Licensing Opportunities

Does your company have heavy lifting to do? The Universal Air Lift can help!

Your company can make Smart Moves with the Universal Air Lift technology (UAL). Licensing opportunities for the UAL are available nationwide.

The UAL enables your company to safely and efficiently relocate fully loaded shelving when replacing floor covering, renovating for ADA compliance, remodeling or relocating. You could move customer shelving without disrupting inventory or stack order, without dismantling shelving, and without risk of structural damage to shelving joints.

The Universal Air Lift’s unique patented pneumatic design has major advantages over hydraulic type lifts. Our pneumatic lift simultaneously lifts evenly at all points at the command of a single operator, whereas a hydraulic lift requires a separate operator at each lift point risking uneven lift and damage to welded joints. And the Universal Air Lift is virtually trouble free . . . no risk of hydraulic fluid leakage requiring costly cleanup and disposal.


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